Stop heat formation in full feed with Agro-Acid TMR!

Published 20. June 2016

Agro Korn a/s based in Denmark, now offers a new super acid for fighting heat formation

Agro-Acid TMR is the latest newcomer in our acid product range

Agro-Acid TMR is very suitable for top watering – especially corn silage where it prevents fungi and mold at

the top. The heat formation, which causes yeasts and mold is being prevented from more sides with Agro-


Acid TMR

Why use Agro-Acid TMR?

  • Because it makes it easier to handle silage and complete feed during warmer periods
  • Because it makes the feed tasty and promotes the appetite
  • Because it prevents yeasts and mold formation

The acid contains propionic acid, and benzoic acid. Both have a documented great effect.

The heat formation, which causes growth of yeasts and mold, is being prevented from more sides with


Agro-Acid TMR


In complete feed for cattle:

  • 1-4 kg per ton

Top watering corn silage:

  • Water approx. 0,5L clean Agro-Acid TMR per square meter


Please go to Agro-Acid TMR to read more about this great acid or call us at +45 9717 3300