Processed soya to improve performance of broiler chickens

Published 2. March 2018

Processed soya bean meals are commonly used in piglet diets, as they are likely to contain reduced anti-nutritional factors that can be problematic when fed during phases of early development. The objective of this study was to investigate whether the inclusion of a processed SBM in the diets of broilers to 41 d, at either 7.5 or 15% at the expense of standard soybean meal, can lead to improved performance parameters. The diets were formulated to be balanced for energy and digestible lysine with all other amino acids in appropriate ratio. At almost all time points, the BWGand FCR of those birds fed the processed soybean meal diets was significantly better than the control diet, and in some cases the 15% diet was superior to the 7.5% diet. To
d 41, only the FCR of the 15% diet was better than the control. When FCR was corrected for the mean BW, birds on the 7.5% diet also performed better than the control. The inclusion of processed soybean meal did not affect feed intake until d 14. Thereafter, independent of the inclusion level, intake was significantly increased vs. the control diet.
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