New results with DanMilk

Published 9. April 2019

It is important for Agilia A/S to deliver the best solution for our customers. From this aspect we are now in the ending phase of a farm test from a user of Pump’n’Grow Fresh and DanMilk Supreme.

Our test setup was to number the piglets at birth and track them until they are sold from the climate stable. A 24 hours video are made of the piglet at birth, day 7. day 21. and at weaning day 29.  All piglets are weighed on these dates. After weaning the piglets are weighed more times through the growth period until sale.

The test is not complete, but great observations has already turned up.


Growth in the farrowing pen

It is clear, that it is possible to use the piglet´s growth potential. Many of the fastest growing piglets made a growth at 380g per day from birth to day 21.


The sow´s ability to care

When the sow is pushed with number of piglets to care for, it also gives a higher ”own” weaning.  Many of the sows in the livestock weans 15 piglets (weaned per weaning). This is reached without negatively influencing the mortality.


Which piglets uses the cup?

Many tests has been made, where it is located how many piglets uses the milkcups in general. From our observations it is clear, that we hold the smallest piglets in the litter with the drinking cups. They find the milkcups early and then they supply with milk from the sow. There are more factors that influences the piglets use of the cups and the final result:


  • The big difference in milkpowder – are you using the right one?
  • What about the milksystem? Is the milk fresh, or is the residue big in the system?
  • Is the milkcups the right ones and are they designed for milk?


Reduction of zink & feedcosts in the climatestable

75 % of the piglets does not get medical zink in the climate stable. One of the effects when getting the piglets on supplying milk, is to start up on mix 2 in the climate stable. A big feed cost are reached, due to the replacement of the more expensive weaning mix.

We often experience, that this parameter is not taking into account, when a milk system is considerate for future use.

Daily growth

The piglets in the test are not weighed out if the climate stable yet, but after 4 weeks stay in the stable the first piglets are already picked out for sale -> over 30 kg.


We will make a final update and conclusion when the test are finalized.

View the video below