A milk system can lower mortality by 3% point

Published 13. April 2018

Christina Sejersen has been running her farm in 21 years, and finally she knows how to optimize the farrowing pen. A milk system has made a big difference!

"In 21 years I have not been able to milk my sows completely in the farrowing pen. I have tried different options and never found the right solution", says farmer Christina Sejersen.

Together with her husband, she runs the farm Bjerget in Viborg, Denmark – where they hold  1150 sows and yearly produce 38.500 slaughter pigs.

"When I got the option to use the milksystem pump’n’grow, I was open to try it. It is a low price  solution and I loved it from the beginning", she says.

The piglets are at least 2 pounds heavier

She has been using the milking system and milk from Agro Korn since November, and she is impressed with the results. Her piglets gets through the farrowing pen 3-4 days faster. She only uses half of the nursing sows compared to earlier – and the mortality has dropped 3% point.

- The piglets can supply with the system – and simultaneously still get milk from the sow. It´s advantageous for both the sow and her piglets.

"It has been great. The piglets are at least 2 pounds bigger know when ready for the climate stable. Furthermore, I produce more piglets per sow on a yearly basis".

She concludes that even though she spend more money on milk powder, she uses less on expensive starter feed.

"It is far easier to nurse the farrowing pen. I am such a big proponent that I would never not use the milk system. It saves me time and money and the piglets thrive".

General facts:

Result with pump’n’grow milk system:

- 250-300 kg extra pig per farrowing pen

- Higher growth +70-100 g in the climate stable

- Less mortality in the farrowing pen

- Weaning increase

- Easy weaning

- More effective usage of the farrowing pen

- Efficiency progress is 3-4 piglets per sow yearly


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