Agro Korn invest in new packaging plant and improve the quality

Published 26. May 2015

It is very important to us constantly to improve our quality. Therefore we have invested in a new packaging plant to ensure you get the best quality delivered when you order.

It means our quality is improved further on goods delivered in bags.

In the future, our goods in bags will be delivered in plastic bags. It will be 20kg and 25kg bags – either pierced or 100% compact bags. The ingredient information will be printed directly on the bag.

In the start-up,  it is a transition where we continuously shift from paper bags to plastic bags. In this running-in stage there will be bags which are just plain white with a label. As soon as possible we will shift to new bags with a nice color print.

This is an example  of how a plastic bag with print could look like. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to contact me.