Agilia is expanding its facilities by 2,600 square metres

Published 13. May 2019

Agilia, the developer and manufacturer of proteins for the farmers of the future, is adding a new warehouse and improved facilities for its employees.

In recent years, Agilia (formerly Agro Korn) has been hiring additional employees and developing new products, and the company can now reap the benefits of a full order book. This has led to the need for additional space for production, storage and administrative employees.
The company is therefore building 2,600 new square metres in Videbæk. The new building will include modern facilities and improved conditions for the approx. 40 employees at Agilia. Rita Koch Petersen, Site and Quality Manager for Agilia in Videbæk explains: “Currently, we rent storage facilities about 20 km away to supplement our own. We have a laboratory in a temporary pavilion, a workshop in a container and our conference room has long since been turned into offices. We have rented a lot of storage space, including a large tent. This is not a good solution, and we now need to build new facilities."

Automation and welfare

The new warehouse will contain a modern shelf solution for the products and is designed to allow automation of a number of processes. 
“However, this is not about employee cutbacks. We are experiencing great demand for our products, so automation will enable us to continue to meet our customers’ needs. We are proud of our products and the difference they make to our customers. However, our facilities are nothing to be proud of. We give high priority to safety and high quality, and both will be significantly improved when we expand.” “We will get new welfare facilities, which will provide better changing facilities for our men and women. We will also get a canteen big enough for all of us. The canteen will be built on the 1st floor with a beautiful view of the fields. It won’t be a fancy domicile, but we have worked creatively with the options we have.
Thomas Nørsøller is a works manager and has been with the company for 20 years. “Building something new has given us all a sense of security and belief that we will remain here in Videbæk. We are looking forward to the change and the significant improvement to our facilities.”

Construction for DKK 25 million

The construction will cost DKK 25 million and should be ready by 1 September 2019. A large part of the current area will be closed off and turned into a construction site, which will be inaccessible to Agilia’s employees.
“We started ‘playing construction site’ as early 1 December last year to get used to the new work processes and access situation, and now the contractor will get started at the beginning of January,” says Rita Koch Petersen. 
The employees have followed the process at the weekly information meetings, and everyone has had the opportunity to contribute with ideas and requests. 
“We are looking forward to it, but the real test will be when we have to carry out the production while the construction is taking place.”


The 2,600 square metre construction starts in March 2019.
It must be ready to open in September of this year.
Two additional construction phases may be launched at a later point in time.