Poultry: The sustainable source of protein for today and tomorrow

Efficiency and health goes hand-in-hand
for future poultry production

Modern poultry production systems are known as highly efficient compared to other livestock production systems. This efficiency is driven by:  

  • Performance (influenced by the birds’ genetic characteristics)

  • Quality of the feed (influenced by ingredients, formulation & feed production techniques)

Over the past few decades, innovation and the application of new technologies in both genetic selection and feed production have lifted the benchmark in poultry production to a very high level. However, such achievements have also introduced new challenges to the industry. Therefore, there is a need for even more research, innovation and creativity in advanced farming practices and the development of new feed materials. 



Here at Agilia, we recognise that poultry production must use natural resources even more efficiently, it must mitigate and adapt to climate change, and reduce any environmental impacts.

Agilia believes that the implementation of functional ingredients in balanced feed formulations will allow considerable improvements in production efficiency without a negative impact on the environment and without compromising the bird’s health and welfare.

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