Efficiency and health gives you top results

Alphasoy Gold, the best protein source for young poultry

Whether you’re a producer that’s actively trying to reduce antibiotics, artificial growth promoters and coccidiostats or just interested in improving the health, growth, performance and uniformity of your poultry - you will know that the gastrointestinal development of young birds in the first days of development is critical to longer-term uniform growth and healthy performance.

Alphasoy Gold creates the right gut-health environment and delivers the right combination of nutrients and functionality to drive optimal performance in poultry.

Alphasoy Gold works in 5 ways:

  • Creating the optimal gut-health environment for young poultry to thrive naturally 
  • Super charging the birds own immunity  
  • Delivering into this ‘super-charged’ environment exactly the right quality of digestible protein with the right amino acid profile for the bird to grow  
  • Providing highly-digestible carbohydrates for a much needed energy boost

Efficiency and health must go hand in hand in the future poultry production.
We are ready with products that will help ensure top results.

In the poultry production the feed plays an important role with regards to health.

Vitamins and minerals are also important ingredients in the poultry feed. Read more, or contact us for further information.

AlphaSoy Gold

Improving gut health and immunity

What is Alphasoy™ Gold?

Alphasoy™ Gold is a protein-rich, functional product which is manufactured through co-processing high-protein soy- bean meal and specially selected yeast fractions. Alphasoy™ Gold is developed for use in starter and pre-starter poultry diets.


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