Pump'n'Grow Basic

Pump'n'Grow Basic

Pump'n'Grow Basic is our milksystem that provides fresh milk in the farrowing pen under 2 hours!
Basically it is milk made easy. All you need is access to electricity, cold and cold water -  then you are able to connect to our system.
The system is  very cost-effective;  low cost but high impact on the growth of the piglets.

We can help you to achieve your goals!

The top producers can produce up to 1,000 kg of pigs or more per farrowing pen per year!

How far are you?

Let us help you on the way to your goal!

With Pump'n'Grow you get

  • Fresh milk in the farrowing pens in less than 2 hours
  • Increased growth and lower mortality
  • Easier weaning
  • Better utilization of the farrowing pen

Watch our installation instructions

Watch our cleaning guide for Pump'n'Grow

DanMilk Supreme

Pump'n'Grow is a perfect match with DanMilk Supreme!

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