Why are DanMilk the best?

The secret is that we use only top-quality raw materials

DanMilk is a specially formulated milk protein supplement for piglets which reduces mortality rates among new-borns and boost their overall health and performance.
DanMilk is produced in Denmark, has great solubility and it is easy to handle.
Most important is the fantastic taste and odor that the piglets love.

We can not compete with the sow's own milk – but we are able to deliver the second best!

It achieves this by:

  • Providing a unique formulation of highly soluble fats, omega 3 and 6 oils, vitamin E and casein to produce a milk which as close to the sow’s own as possible.
  • Ensuring all of the piglets have ample supply of this milk – especially the smallest ones.
  • Enabling all of the piglets to remain with the sow during weaning which reduces stress, disease spread, improves animal welfare standards, and reduces overall mortality rates.

What you may not realise but should know!

Number of nursing sows

One of the biggest constraints on your ability to increase production as a pig producer is the number of farrowing units you have available.

Using a milk supplement reduced the need for nursing sows and therefore frees up additional space in your farm for more breeding sows.

On average nursing sow’s occupy around 20% of your farrowing units, they also are an additional cost to your business that you don’t need to carry.

The variation in growth

One of the biggest drivers of poor uniformity in your animal performance is the variation in growth that we see in the early growth stages. 

Providing ready access for all piglets to a milk supplement in these vital days improves feed intakes, live-weight gain, increases uniformity in the herd and drives a better overall performance for you at the end of the cycle.