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Publiseret 20. oktober 2014

The new soy factory - TripleA - in Hornsyld, eastern Jutland, Denmark has been operating since October 2013. The plan is to produce a large number of different soy products for different purposes (feed and food). At the moment, the plant only produces AlphaSoy Premium, a soy protein concentrate for animal feed that is exclusively produced for the Danish company Agro Korn. This soy ingredient can act as a protein alternative for fishmeal in diets for young and sensitive animals.

Sustainability is key
The new soy production plant manufactures this ingredient in a unique and sustainable way. The production is based on a new Danish method, IGMBioProcessing, developed by researchers at theUniversity of Copenhagen. The patent of this technology has been transferred from the University to TripleA. The modern production line of the new factory is very eco-friendly to meet the growing environmental concerns from the community. Energy and water are recycled in the production process and there is minimum waste. In addition, to this new method, it is possible to remove almost all anti-nutritional factors to reach a protein content of up to 74%. Among other benefits of the method are a low pH and low potassium content in the final product.

Successful production
TripleA has obtained a GMP+ and HACCP approval. According to the company, a FSSC 22 000 certification will follow in the near future. This means that the production process is very safe and eco-friendly. Production is continuously monitored and controlled with in-line NIR measuring system during the production process, which guarantees homogeneous products. Triple A is the only factory in the world running IGM-Bioprocessing, that gives the soy product from Agro Korn some unique characteristics. The company has already successfully introduced this feed protein into the market. Tests, initiated by AB Agri and conducted by Leeds University in UK, showed excellent results of this product in piglets. In the trial, the productivity (growth and feed consumption) of piglets, in the first four weeks after weaning, was compared to feed containing another soy protein concentrate and a feed containing super prime fishmeal. It was also tested in fish and mink.

Growth in production
According to Agro Korn, the new Danish plant is a very important step in the overall global strategy of the company. TripleA has the capacity to produce 40 000 tonnes of feed product per year. At the moment, there are no plans to step up the capacity within the near future.

By Emmy Koeleman -

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