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New developed functional protein to piglets

Cellpro is developed and designed to be a part of the antibiotic, and nonzinc-containing solution, and consequently reducing the consumption of antibiotics. Big professional feed producers in Europe have already implemented Cellpro in feeding of young piglets based on their in-hous trials. Cellpro is the most fast-growing product we ever have introduced globally.

Cellpro is a functional protein that simultaneously has a documented protective effect on the piglet´s intestine system and boosting the piglet´s immune system. 


  • Fast digestibility
  • Boosting immune system
  • High feed intake
  • Effective intestine protection against coli bacteria and salmonella 
  • Phasing out zinc and reducing the consumption of antibiotics 


Cellpro already showed great results

There has already been production trials, which has proofed that Cellpro is replacing top-end qualities of fishmeal, SPC and other expensive proteins with better results.  

Cellpro are tested on young weaning piglets and the result shows that the piglets of 5 kg have had 500g more gained weight in comparison with other proteins. 

Cellpro can beneficially replace expensive proteins in their starter feed – for instance fishmeal, soy protein concentrates and blood plasma.

If you are replacing cheaper proteins like fermented soy or soybean meal, then you will see a positive effect on the feed conversion and the piglet´s health.

Cellpro - Healthy gut


Improved health

Together with Cellpro, the piglets’ intestines are better protected against coli bacteria and salmonella. It is the best prerequisite in order to phase out zinc oxide and thus reducing the usage of antibiotic. 

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Easy digestibility is the essence to avoid harmful bacteria in the intestine that is also reducing the risk for diarrhea.  

At the same time, it is TASTY. 

What is Cellpro?

Cellpro consists of yeasts and vegetable protein that is co-produced in a special enzymatic process which is resulting a unique product with a functional quality.

How is the effect?

It is documented that piglet´s feed intake is ascending already from the beginning by using Cellpro

What can Cellpro?

Cellpro is an effective fighter of coli and salmonella bacteria in the intestine system.  

I want to know more about Cellpro!

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