Alphasoy™ Gold delivers consistent quality 

Soybean Meal (SBM) and other un-processed protein sources can vary hugely in consistency and quality depending on the source of origin or the variability of the growing season. In poultry pre-starter and starter diets – this variability can sometimes lead to reduced performance.

Pre-selection and processing are vital to creating a superior, consistent quality ingredient which is suitable for feeding young poultry.

Alphasoy™ Gold’s unique manufacturing process enables us to:

  • Improve its nutritional value – tailoring it to the needs of the animal.
  • Producing a consistent quality product with a min protein level of 52%.
  • Improving the digestibility of all key amino acids by up to 2% in broilers.
  • Unlocking up to 16% more energy compared to other soy products.
  • Reduce anti-nutritional factors (ANFs) to safe levels.

Agilia is HACCP-approved and GMP+ certified. All our processes and systems are independently audited and we comply with all local and international feed safety legislations.

We have extensive internal control processes, to ensure that customers receive consistent quality fully traceable feed. To discuss any of our quality controls or processes Contact Quality Manager; Vivi Kristensen at vrk@agiliaglobal.com 

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