Alphasoy Gold

Improving gut health and immunity

The functional protein to give chicks the best start in life

Whether you’re a producer who is actively exploring feeding strategies to reduce antibiotics and coccidiostats or just interested in optimising the health, growth, and performance of your poultry, you will know that the gastrointestinal development of young birds in the first days of life is critical to longer-term uniform growth and healthy performance.

Alphasoy Gold creates the right gut-health environment and delivers the right combination of nutrients and functionality to drive optimal performance in poultry.

Achieving optimal gut health in young birds is vital because:

  • Creating the optimal gut-health environment for young poultry to thrive naturally 
  • Super charging the birds own immunity  
  • Delivering into this ‘super-charged’ environment exactly the right quality of digestible protein with the right amino acid profile for the bird to grow
  • Providing highly-digestible carbohydrates for a much needed energy boost 


What is Alphasoy™ Gold?

Alphasoy™ Gold is a protein-rich, functional product which is manufactured through co-processing high-protein soy- bean meal and specially selected yeast fractions. Alphasoy™ Gold is developed for use in starter and pre-starter poultry diets and is designed to do four things:

1. Provide consistent quality nutrition through the delivery of highly-digestible protein, with an
elevated amino acid profile and an improved energy value.

2. Support the development of the optimal gut-health environment
for young poultry.

3. Support the animal’s immune system so that it better copes
with pathogenic challenge.

4. Help achieve optimal health, growth, and performance in
antibiotic and coccidiostat-free feeding strategies.

Alphasoy™ Gold can save one day per broiler production cycle

A recently finished broiler performance study, including Alphasoy™ Gold at the expense of soy protein concentrate in the starter feed, showed that Alphasoy™ Gold fed broiler have a significantly higher final body weight (day 42) and an overall improved feed conversion ratio.

Alphasoy™ Gold related performance responses can save one day per broiler production cycle and generate a net benefit of up to 5,000 Euro / 100,000 broilers / production cycle.

Importance of starter feed

Alphasoy™ Gold addition to starter feed increases final (day 42) body weight of broilers

Alphasoy™ Gold supports the development of a healthy gut microbiota and immune system in the young growing bird leading to improved overall performance parameters. All these unique characteristics position Alphasoy™ Gold as a highly digestible functional, protein rich alternative for broiler starter and pre-starter diets.

Alphasoy™ Gold, a new generation functional
protein – for healthier production systems.