About Agilia

Agilia is a global manufacturing company

We got an eye for quality and passion for feed

Agilia A/S is part of the British AB Agri Ltd. which is leading world wide in supply and development of the Agricultural Industry.

In the next 50 years, agriculture will need to change dramatically if we aim to feed our growing population whilst also protecting the planet.
Demand for protein and the environmental pressures associated with this will present us with huge challenges. The rise of antimicrobial resistance means human and animal health will be of prime importance and we will need to find a better way to feed our animals.

Agilia's unique purpose is to develop and supply vital new ingredients that will help solve the global protein challenge whilst also supporting the industry ambition to improve overall animal health and performance.

Agilia wishes to act socially responsible

We have therefore chosen to join the UN initiative, Global Compact, which is the worlds largest voluntary network for companies and organisations, who wish to actively formalise their social responsibility. Global Compact comprises ten principles for social responsibility based on internationally recognised conventions for labour- and human rights as well as environment and anti-corruption.


Our vision

  • Feed ingredients with functional benefits to create better health and nutrition for young and sensitive animals.

  • Focus on the protein challenge, providing an abundant source of healthy protein to the world, overcoming reduced use of antibiotics.

  • Innovate plant proteins to be healthy to carnivores, and innovate proteins to be healthier to young animals.

  • Secure a better life for young animals by developing ways to feed milk and train the digestive system from an early stage.

100% flexible

We always deliver the best solutions to our customers and keep the co-operation big in order to always stay flexible and strive for a high level of innovation.

We collaborate with a number of universities in Europe, Asia, and America.

Core competence

We constantly develop and refine products for high performance breeding stock, to ensure the best well-being of the animals and a healthy economy for the farmer.

That's what we do. Twentyfour-seven. We are proud to be flexible enough to meet the changing needs and demands from the markets. And experienced enough to know what it takes.

The innovation of work

We are closing the protein gap!