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Alternative proteins are not only good for your animals. They are also essential for our planet

The world population is growing and by 2050 the world population is expected to be around 10 billion. People today have more income and are able to buy meat on a more regular basis than previous. Especially in countries like Brazil and China. We see a trend of urbanization, which facilitates selling and buying more meat. To be able to feed everybody’s mouths we have to think protein sources smarter.

Quality through knowledge

Agilia has found a unique way to use our planets resources without using traditional protein sources like fishmeal and milk protein. By taking soybeans through a thermos mechanical process, it is possible to extract more protein from the soybeans than with more traditional methods. This process also removes some of the negative compounds called anti-nutritional factors and make the product more healthy and digestible.

AlphaSoy® 530

AlphaSoy® 530 has made a difference in for a numerous pigs worldwide. A recent trial from the Danish Pig Research Centre shows, that AlphaSoy® 530 has the best value when it comes to digestibility of the total nutrients in the small intestine. Furthermore AlphaSoy® supplies the piglets with 6-11% more energy compared to other soy products used in the same trial. The product has a neutral taste, is easy to store and is a gentle protein source for piglets.

  • Best in test
  • Up to 20% inclusion in the feed
  • High digestibility
  • Enzyme processed
  • Minimal content of anti-nutritional factors

AlphaSoy® 530

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In our extensive independent trials AlphaSoy® is proven to out-compete all other processed soya products. Piglets fed on AlphaSoy® saw an average improvement of:

  • - 5% Daily Live-weight Gain
  • - 3% improvement in feed intake
  • - 2% reduction in FCR (feed conversion ratio)

AlphaSoy® has been rigorously tested against different protein sources – To view a summary of our trials click on the link below.

AlphaSoy® Trial Summary

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In our collective studies we discovered

  • High protein content in an SPC does not resulting in better performance
  • Long-held belief that ANF’s are ALL BAD may not be entirely true, recent studies into the role of SB Oligosaccharides suggest they may act as a Prebiotic.
  • Fibre structure of SBM can be altered during processing to improve its functionality
  • Fermentable carbohydrates in SBM can have a detrimental effect on piglet gut health if not managed.
  • A combination of enzymatic and gentle thermos mechanical treatment of soy seems to produce the best quality protein for piglets.

AlphaSoy® has satisfied users in more than 60 countries around the world.
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